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All parts offered by Porscheteile-Sommerfeld are accessories and have no connection with Porsche AG unless they are listed as original parts in the offer. The name "Porsche" and the type designations are all © Dr. Ing. h.c. H. c. F.Porsche AG.

Type designations used and the Porsche brand name are for illustration only, as is the logo of the city of Münster.


?!? Is your sports car too quiet?

and nobody hears it?!?




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We have been for over 20 years now

Your partner in the field


Porsche restoration,




Custom-made products and modifications of sports exhaust systems and catalytic converters

Partly approved and not approved in the area of application of the StVZO


Repairs to exhaust and flap exhaust systems from all manufacturers

In the event of damage, e.g. due to corrosion or internal fractures, deformation, etc


Repair + replacement of exhaust flaps and control components

Defective exhaust flaps, damage to control units or supply lines


Retrofitting of conversions for the TÜV, approval and elimination of defects


Porsche parts trade




Porsche TUNING



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